My name is Alex, I like to make neat software, and I generally show it off here!

Software I Like

  • Atom with a variety of packages including vim-mode, atom-typescript, and jshint-linter.
  • git is a must-have.
  • gulp almost all my web/node projects use gulp to build, move things around, etc.
  • gulp-typescript and browserify are among my go-to packages.
  • elastic is fun to work with and performs very well!
  • React my UI library of choice lately. TypeScript has builtin support for it, so I can have type-checked components, and performance seems good. I find that most of the time, React does what I expect it to do, which is nice.
  • TypeScript for most of my node/web projects, lately. This makes refactoring very easy, and atom-typescript provides good autocomplete, in-editor errors, go to definition, etc. This also gives access to upcoming JavaScript syntax like for..of loops, let, class, and destructuring assignments.