Spincycle logo: basically the word spincycle

A long time ago, as BlackBerry prepared to launch their foray into the tablet market, they announced a promotion for developers: make a PlayBook app, get a PlayBook. One of the technologies you could use to make the app was HTML5, which, at the time, was still somewhat new. I decided this was the perfect time for me to get my feet wet with web-based game development, and so I started planning and making this game.

The game is sort of fun, it’s kind of like a more boring version of Super Hexagon (although I had the idea before Super Hexagon was released, and I didn’t ever play its predecessor, Hexagon). I learned much more about web design/technologies making this game than I did about game design. The game part stayed fairly static from an early point, but the UI/UX/implementation went through several major revisions. Finally, it has landed on something I’m pretty happy with and ready to share.