Zap is multiple prototype CMSes that lets you edit locally and deploy your site using git. The guiding principle of ZAP is to keep your content in git. The rest is still being explored. Currently, ZAP is still being prototyped, with two branches that you might find interesting:


This is a fairly complete CMS that provides an in-browser editor powered by AngularJS. Content is stored in your file-system and you are expected to manage it via git. Editing is done locally and a copy of ZAP must also be running on your server in read-only mode to provide search, rendering etc. This version also has fairly good test coverage.

Ultimately, this became overly complicated and unwieldy, with an annoying dependence on Elasticsearch (this was needed even while editing your site offline).


A rewrite that includes some of the lessons I have learned from the master branch. Currently implemented as a static site generator, it reads files from your project folder and assembles the website as you wish. Extra features such as SASS/LESS compilation, GUI editor, search are not implemented and likely will never be. This removes complexity from ZAP and lets tools that are good at those things (Makefiles, gulp.js, your text editor, etc.) handle those parts. Features:

  • very nice error messages for the user
  • explicit over implicit
  • specifically designed to make it easy to host your website through github-pages.